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Can I persist even with setbacks? (Week 12 #3 of 3)

I am posting the words for a few of my self-efficacy Mini-Insights videos. Each week of the year I create 1-4 mini-insights based on that weeks affirmation and the related full Video-Insights. This is #3 of 3 posts for week 12. You can find the companion YouTube Video here If you watch and enjoy, or find value, please like the channel - thanks!

I want to discuss three concepts wrapped together: Taking on new tasks, the inevitability of setbacks, and persisting. In the aftermath of a major failure, like getting fired, our sense of self-efficacy is perhaps the greatest single factor in dusting ourselves off and getting back in the game. Research by Eden and Aviram confirm that a high sense of self-efficacy intensifies job search activities and greatly increases the likelihood of reemployment. Because we learned from our failure, we are still not perfect, and all the external factors are still at play, so there will still be setbacks. Having learned from your failures, however, you are even more confident in your ability to succeed in the future, and you are in fact more capable.

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