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Are you in control of your life? (Week 12 #1)

I am posting the words for a few of my self-efficacy Mini-Insights videos. Each week of the year I create 1-4 mini-insights based on that weeks affirmation and the related full Video-Insights. This is #1 of 3 posts for week 12. You can find the companion You Tube Video at If you watch and enjoy, or find value, please like the channel - thanks!

My successes are based on my personal ability and drive, do you believe that? If you don’t you might suffer from an “external” locus of control. This is the belief that my success is more dependent upon external forces. This is different from people with an “internal” locus of control who recognize these factors exist, they just don’t rely on them as adequate excuses. The key is that the one perspective puts you in control of your life, and the other cedes control of your life to others. Which perspective is going to serve you best?

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