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Our privacy policy describes how we collect and use information about you. This policy doesn't apply to other sites you may reach through You should read the privacy policies of other Web sites to learn how they collect and use information about you. This policy also doesn’t apply to information shared through email correspondence with us.

In this policy, the terms "we", "us", and “our” refer to HVASF.

When you use the Site, you consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.  We do not sell user information under any circumstances nor share your information with unaffiliated third parties, except as compelled by law.

HVASF is committed to always improving the value and effectiveness of our services.  We may partner with research partners, mostly public academic institutions, to conduct research on our services.  You will have the opportunity to opt in, or out, of participation in such research. If you opt in, we may use your data for research purposes in aggregate but will never publish individual data without your express permission.  


You will notice that we do not run ads on our site or in our communications with you (email or text).  This is by design. We do not share your information with outside organizations or partners and never sell your contact information.  

Feedback Form

HVASF feedback Form allows users to provide feedback concerning the website. This is a valuable tool for us to learn from our users and improve our website based on your experiences and opinions.  In addition to your feedback, we request that you supply us with your name and email address. We will only use this information for internal purposes. For individuals who have shared their email with us we generally do not send more than one email every week or two, always with information that we hope will be helpful to you.

Web Site Analytics

HVASF uses use Google or other Analytics to gather usage statistics. HVASF will use the information gathered to improve web services for its users.  Analytics services employ cookies to define user sessions, which allows for the collection of important data about how our users are using  Analytics uses only first-party cookies for data analysis. This means that the cookies are linked to the website domain(s), and Analytics will only use that cookie data for statistical analysis related to your browsing behavior on the HVASF websites.  According to Google, the data collected cannot be altered or retrieved by services from other domains. If you choose, you can opt out by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your browser. 



HVASF allows you to provide feedback on our website through anonymous surveys. We currently use SurveyMonkey to administer these surveys.  SurveyMonkey and HVASF will not sell or share your responses with any third party. For more information about SurveyMonkey’s Privacy Policy, see

Who can I contact with question about this Privacy Policy?

You can contact HVASF at if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.

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