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Q & A

  • <p class="font_9">I have been doing my affirmations for weeks now and I don’t “feel” any different?</p>"
    Good for you! The fact that you are participating regularly affirms the greater control you are exerting over your life. These things take time. Think of it like a daily vitamin for your mind. You are providing essential mental nutrients to your long-term success and happiness. The changes are most often very gradual. This is why we don’t have shorter term membership options. Hang in there, you will notice one day a new skill or perspective and realize – it is making a difference!
  • Why affirmations?
    Affirmations are a proven way to help people become their best selves – no matter their race, age, or income. They also have the advantage of being accessible to virtually all people – no matter where their personal motivation is to start.
  • What are your core values?
    Transparency, Trust and Selflessness
  • What is your logic chain and hypothesis?
    The greatest challenge to improving individual lives centers on personal motivation. Motivation is built on a foundation of self-compassion (or self-worth its corollary) and ability (or self-efficacy). While many organizations offer help, all too often individuals and families do not seek out that help, fail to engage with help, or lack follow through due to low personal motivation. By focusing the affirmations on the sources of personal motivation we empower individuals to greater success in any other specific area they are interested in.
  • I saw an app/site with affirmations for free – what’s up with that?
    There are several apps and sites that offer “free” affirmations. They cost money to operate, however, so typically rely on advertising revenue. Affirmations are a chance for you to take control of your own life while your mind is suggestible. Do you really want ads flashing at you while you are in this mental state? We are convinced this is not the most effective model, and you will never find ads on our site or affirmations.
  • I saw an app/site with 1,000 affirmations – why are you limiting this to one per week?"
    When you are building a house you always start with the foundation, not the second floor. HVASF provides that foundation for you. The stronger the foundation the stronger everything above it is. So, start with your foundation of personal motivation, and as you are ready add to it and you will have greater success in every goal you set, every task you undertake, and every relationship.
  • I can find apps/sites/books with lots of affirmations, why should I pay for a service?"
    Do you know anyone who bought a book with a 7-step plan that if followed promised, well, whatever they promised? Most people will never follow the 7 steps, however, and so get frustrated and figure “it just doesn’t work”. How many treadmills sit unused in the family room, lap pools that never see laps, or exercise videos that don’t get watched? Nearly everyone suffers from some amount of inertia, failure to start or stick with our goals or dreams. HVASF helps you overcome inertia by not requiring a 7-step plan or to read a book, take class, or attend an expensive seminar. We host to you each day messages that build your self-compassion and efficacy – and thus your motivation. As you build and fortify your foundation you will be better prepared to tackle that 7-step plan with success.
  • I have a friend that could really use this – can I purchase a gift membership?
    If you have a friend that could really use this, please click “here” to make a referral and we will reach out to them on your behalf. We find, however, that if it is not their idea they will likely not engage – like if I bought a diet book for you would you take that well? If, on the other hand, I said I care about you and this is a really cool thing you might check out – that might be better received.
  • There are a lot of companies trying to improve people’s lives – why this?
    There are millions of people who cannot or only minimally engage with help – self or from others. By focusing on the foundations of personal motivation we provide a service that magnifies the reach, power, and effectiveness of all other personal efforts.
  • What if my schedule changes and I need to change the time of my affirmations?
    The affirmation comes through the app at 8AM and 8PM. You can look at it any time you like, however. We are working on making this more flexible to better match individual schedules.
  • Why is membership so cheap
    Membership must be affordable, even if money is tight. By keeping our costs down and prioritizing access and effectiveness over profit we hope to help nearly anyone – no matter their bank account.
  • If I start in the middle of the year do, I begin with affirmation 26? "
    Yes. Each new member starts with the current week. So, if you sign up on week 26 you will get the affirmation, email, and Video-Insights for week 26. If you sign up on week 2, you will get the affirmation, email, and Video-Insights for week 2. This way every member is on the same cycle and your comments and personal insights will be most relevant.
  • What does HVASF do?
    We are the founders, designers, and protectors of a brand that singly supports you in developing your self-compassion and ability, thus releasing motivation that helps you be more successful.
  • Is there anything I can do to make my affirmation experience more powerful?
    Yes, absolutely. There are 3 levels of power that you can unleash with these affirmations. Every level has power to help you create your best self, and your best future. Each higher level, however, generates additional power by strengthening your affirmation. No matter the level of power each day this is something good in your life – enjoy it! Power Level 1 – Simply open your email/text, read and ponder the affirmation for 30 seconds. That’s it. Power Level 2 – After reading and pondering say the affirmation out loud. Repeat it several times with feeling and emotion – own it. Power Level 3 - Take the time to write out the affirmation in your own handwriting after reading, pondering, and saying it out loud. As you write think about how this applies to you, your life. Feel free to write down your thoughts about the affirmation, make it your own. The more vivid you can make this the better – how would this sound and feel? Take what you have written and put it in your pocket, purse, on the counter – anywhere you might see it again during the day.
  • When I schedule my AM and PM time slots how do I choose the best times?
    The ideal time to read your affirmation is when your mind and body are in a relaxed state and most receptive to the affirmation. For most people this will be when they arise and just before sleep. It could be just after prayer or meditation as well. You choose the times that will be best for you.
  • What if I miss one of the messages?
    Do not worry about that, life happens. The key is to open the next one. Repetition and consistency are key parts of the system. So, if you miss one, don’t worry, just get back on track and continue to enjoy the benefits.
  • How was HVASF Founded – our story?
    Our founder worked in primary and specialty health care for over 30 years. Despite efforts to engage with patients many simply would not. Over time he developed the conceptual tools and language to better understand why, and in early 2018 the concepts congealed into an epiphany. Additional research uncovered a similar lack of positive movement in reducing poverty, civic participation, and equity. Based on best practices and current research and understanding from medicine, psychology, neurology, and behavioral economics we have found a key to release the foundations of motivation to the betterment of all people. For more details see our web site under the “about us” tab.
  • What is the mission of HVASF?
    We help people develop personal motivation.
  • $20 is a lot of money, is it worth it? "
    We realize that $20 is a lot of money, especially if money is tight. If you think of this like a daily vitamin, it is costing under 6 cents a day ($20/365 days). A daily vitamin from Costco costs about $20 for 300 days, or just under 7 cents. You are investing in the mental powers and perspectives that will help you be your best self. You have the insight and intelligence to realize your mind and body are forever linked and investing in the care of both is perfectly logical, if not exceptional
  • Something on the website is broken, or I have a suggestion – what do I do? "
    Please click here for all of your website concerns. Thank you for helping us keep the site at its best for all our members.
  • What is a participant?
    On our web site we talk about membership, but once you are a member you become a participant. The difference is in the action. Members may sit by and do nothing with their membership. By being a participant, it speaks to the active nature of the relationship. You are an active participant in creating your own best self, and best life. Without your active participation with the affirmations we add little value to your life. In fact, the “three levels of power” are increased levels of your participation for maximum effect. You remain squarely in control of the amount of benefit you achieve – as it always is in life.
  • I have different question – how do I get it answered?
    Please “contact us” and we will do our best to answer your question promptly.
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