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Are Failures due to insufficient effort? (Week 12 #2)

I am posting the words for a few of my self-efficacy Mini-Insights videos. Each week of the year I create 1-4 mini-insights based on that weeks affirmation and the related full Video-Insights. This is #2 of 3 posts for week 12. You can find the companion YouTube Video here If you watch and enjoy, or find value, please like the channel - thanks!

Failures are largely due to insufficient effort. This can also be a hard one. A few years ago, I was fired from a job that I really loved. It was crushing for me. I worked hard at that job. In hindsight I realized I did expend extreme effort, yes, but not necessarily on the right things at the right time. Learning can be hard, but what an amazing insight that provided for me. So not only the effort you expend, but where you are expending that effort and when is critical.

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