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Week 7 - Love and Accept Yourself As You Are

This is the text for the Video-Insights for week 7. The video can be found here This was a fairly early video, so forgive me if the quality is not as good as later videos, but if you like it or find value in the message please like the post and even subscribe. I post this as a sample of the insights and application tips that are provided every single week to members. Enjoy, I hope it is helpful for you.

David Edwards here with HVASF and your Video Insights for week 7.  Your affirmation this week is: “I love and accept myself as I am right now.” The first comment I hear about this affirmation is that I am not very happy with myself right now so how can I say this over and over again when it is not true?  There are three aspects of this that I think are important: 

  • First: For any of our affirmations they may not represent your current reality.  Remember that you are in the process of creating our best life, not living it to perfection. 

  • Second: Part of the power of an affirmation is it reminds of what you are striving for, what your intent is, not necessarily current reality.  So, if on a particular affirmation you are having a bit of cognitive dissonance (mental anguish) that is OK.  That is one of the reasons this actually works.  

  • Third: Living your life without any time for reflection and self-examination is pleasant enough but has you living in a state of delusion – which is hopefully not what you really want when you look deep inside.  

An important distinction here is what we discussed during week 5 about pausing for a fresh new thought – one that serves me better.  If you are having a hard time with loving yourself right now it may be because you need that discomfort to help you make important changes.  Recognizing that this discomfort is a normal part of a change process is critical.

  Please, don’t dwell on the feeling, but use it to focus on what you can control and start to do differently.  This is when you look at your values and goals and have a single goal in this area to focus on and improve.  You may have 5 or 10 other things you would like to work on but focus on the one for now and as you do a little better – good for you and feel good about that.  

Finally, no matter where you are at emotionally, physically, or spiritually you are worthy of love, even love for yourself.  If you are improving in an area, great, if not, you are still worthy of love.  Recognizing your discontent, love yourself.  Candidly you are who you are right now, and no amount of anxiety or self-loathing is going to change that.  So, love yourself right now, unconditionally.  

Now, have fun with this week’s affirmation!  Please share any insights you might have or have gained on our Facebook page so that others in the community can benefit from your insights.  Thank you for spending these few minutes with me – have a great week!  

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