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Are You Perfect?

I am posting the words for a few of my self-compassion Mini-Insights videos. I create 1-4 mini-insights for each week of the year based on that weeks affirmation and the related full Video-Insights. This is #2 of 4 posts for week 11. You can find the companion YouTube Video here If you watch and enjoy, or find value, please like the channel - thanks!

As you consider yourself as a whole person you must acknowledge that you have faults (right, no one is perfect). Your faults are a part of who you are. Your affirmation asks that you appreciate and even love your faults as a part of your whole person. This is similar to loving your children even though they are not perfect, but you still love the whole person. In Mini-Insights #3 I will introduce a 4 part process to help you overcome your faults.

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