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Update on "New You! Who Knew?" - October 2021

I have been working hard to finish the book, and working hard to bring in a few dollars to help pay the bills. I just got back my latest draft with tons of useful ideas from the copy editor, which I will be going over this week. Next is indexing and design then final proofreading and publishing.

At this point I expect to have a discounted pre-sale period from January 1st through the 16th where my friends, family, and fans can purchase advance copies with a formal release date January 18th, 2022 for both paperback and e-book versions.

It has been an amazing process to date. I express my gratitude to all who have encouraged me through this last year of work. I remain convinced that this book will be very important for a lot of people, and the editors have confirmed that expectation. I will update in November-December as I get closer to a final product - so stay tuned!

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