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Reframe Less Than Complete Success

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

“In the face of negative feedback, I reframe it in the positive."

In this light a 25% deficit becomes a 75% accomplishment.  In this light I only have to figure out how to do 25% better – having succeeded 75% of the way.

Now, what is negative feedback?  In biology, for example, it is when a high level of a particular hormone inhibits the further secretion of that hormone.  It creates a self-limiting feedback loop.  On a human scale you might think of it as feedback that inhibits a certain type of activity or outcome.  This can be difficult feedback to accept, but it is necessary in order have information to improve.  In other posts I have well established that nobody is perfect, nor are you perfectly aware of what is going on. Feedback is a balancing mechanism that allows you to learn and adjust.  Without negative feedback, or said another way, with only positive feedback, you would likely go on doing things exactly as you have and would never learn and grow.  

Perspective in drawing attempts to create the “right” or correct impression of an object when viewed from a particular point of view.  When you think about human performance perspective might be creating a full or complete picture of what your situation is.  Gaining perspective helps you see how things really are, not how you perceive them with your own biases and imperfections.

How do you gain perspective?  You get some perspective through best practices of self-reflection, mindfulness, and analysis.  Most times, however, it is extremely useful to get some outside perspective, or feedback.  This may be positive feedback, which tends to encourage more of the same behavior, or negative feedback, which encourages some type of change in behavior in order to gain some additional benefit.


You change so that you can succeed, which is generally thought of as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  It can be very finite like a score on an exam, a quality metric, or sales goal.  Many times, however, it looks more like some bit of progress on a continuum that is never quite fully achieved.  This could be thought of as success in life.  This is the balance of living and working in the present, while having worthwhile goals for the future.  For both your finite and your infinite goals, feedback from both your own internal measures and outside sources is essential.

Recognizing feedback for what it is relieves you of a lot of stress. Reframing feedback that could be considered negative into a positive and actionable gap aligns your mental with your physical reality and prepares you for greater success in the future.


HVASF exists to reinforce intrinsic motivation, the foundations include self-efficacy, self-compassion, and self-esteem. I have created affirmations and related insights which you can learn more about on my website More recently I have partnered with artists to create beautiful art and affirmations and placed them on useful things like cell phone covers, my shop can be found here Have a great day - and if you want to see posts and updates please check out my Facebook page, and if you think it could be a positive part of your life - like the page. :)

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