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Pet Rock or HVASF?

Pet Rocks 

In 1975 advertising executive Gary Dahl invented pet rocks.  The rocks came from Rosarito beach in Mexico and cost about a penny.  Your pet rock complete with its “pet carrier” and 32-page instruction manual would run you about $4.00 (that is $22 in 2020 dollars).   

The fad did not last long and by 1976 it was hard to find a pet rock in the stores, and harder to find someone looking for one.  Regardless he sold about 1.5 million pet rocks while they were popular and did very well for himself.  Someone else bought the rights to “pet rock” and you can in fact buy one today for $20 – check out  According to their web site when you order your pet rock you get three things;

  1. A pet rock to call your very own, 

  2. A numbered certificate of authenticity, 

  3. Personal pet rock travel crate.  


Late in 2019 health care leader David Edwards brought “The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind” to the public.  There is no physical product, no waste, and the system is not a fad but in fact is based on the way all human brains work – so is timeless.  The effects are also lasting as regular participation with the system helps the participant re-wire their own brain in more effective ways.  

Human nature is similar today as in 1975 but each person is in a constant state of change.  The HVASF system helps you have greater control over your life, creates the foundation to becoming your best self, and helps you find the motivation to accomplish your goals.  With the HVASF system, for the price of a pet rock ($20,00) you get 4 things; 

  1. A daily ad free dose of motivation for an entire year that automatically comes at times when it will be most effective, 

  2. A weekly preview email and link to the Insights Video for that week’s affirmation,

  3. Access to our Facebook community for additional insights, motivation, and support, 

  4. Exposure to some of the best science and tools available in easy to understand ways that are useful no matter your age, gender, income, or race - no instruction manual required.

You may want a pet rock, the manual is hilarious and probably worth the price.  When the novelty is over I hope you don’t deposit the rock in the garbage, but make a trek to a river or the ocean and donate it back to nature (or better yet back to Rosarito Beach).  If you feel your motivation could use a little boost, a nudge if you will, I hope you will check out  It truly is effective, affordable, and easy to do.  

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