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New You! Who Knew? December 27th 2021 Update

The book has been proofread and final updates are being completed, formatting for printing, and submitting to Amazon. It is almost ready! I expect the book will go on pre-sale on January 10th at a discounted price, and regular sale price for the rest of the world on January 25th.

Initially the book will be for sale as an e-book and paperback only through Amazon. Shortly thereafter I will open it up for sale at Barnes and Noble, independent book stores, and beyond. As soon as possible I will create an audiobook version as well.

We have made good progress on the web site. I hope to have it up by weeks end. Future blog posts on the ten principles covered in New You! Who Knew? will come through that web site.

As a prequel to the book I have created a series of blog posts about values. Values are the first principle of the book. Many people think that values are a nicety, but not a necessity. Science, however, tells us a different story. Values are in fact an essential foundation to avoid regret, unleash motivation, provide meaning to life, and encourage wellbeing. Understanding your values, making them explicit, and living consistent with them is the first step to becoming the captain of your life. Look for my first of six sequential posts soon!

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