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A cynical look at Amazons “Top 5” health recommendations – and one alternative.

Wow, Amazons December “Product Spotlight” in the health and beauty section was amazing.  Ignoring the beauty offerings let's look at the first 5 “health” products (and have some fun!): 

  1. Morning Recovery – “The patent pending formula is effectively absorbed by the stomach to prevent hangover symptoms.”  The picture looks like 3 women who were just told they won the lottery under a blue sky – oh and they have hangovers evidently.  They did not claim to rebuild the brain cells you melted by drinking that much, or the DUI, or (why are you drinking so much, don’t you like yourself?)  Only $35.99 for a six-pack of 100ml bottles (That’s $6/hangover for the math challenged or hung over). 

  2. Upright Go 2: “The simple and natural way to improve your posture.”  This little device will supposedly make you look and feel better, improve first impressions (I hope on a date by the googly eyes the model was making), be more productive at work, and increase mindfulness.  How you get that thing in the exact center of your back (particularly if you are not a yoga master), well I hope they have a good instructional video.  Only $84.99.  

  3. The Noonchi Chair “workout easily detaches from the back of your office chair, therefore allowing the device to be placed under your feet for even more exercise options.”  Soon to join the many other “devices” that sound good when you buy it, only to find you don’t use it anymore than the last 3 exercise tools you bought and eventually gave to Goodwill.  Only $59.99  

  4. Pegasi Smart Light Therapy Glasses: “sleep better, beat jet lag, get more energy!”  Basically, a light box built into a set of glasses.  Only $239.00  

  5. Premium ingredients, all liquid, mixed automatically at the touch of a button.  No more pills!”  Only $98.00.  I had to read the ad twice to realize they did not tell me what this is or who makes it, only after clicking through did I find it is a powdered vitamin dispensing device by Tespo that mixes the powder in their pre-packaged vitamins into a glass of water so you don’t have to swallow a pill (I like not swallowing a pill).  Each pod which has a multi-vitamin for 31 days is $30.00 – so one year is about $360.00.  Compare that to a one a day vitamin that you swallow – for about $25/year – you decide.  

I hope that this is not what Christmas is all about to you (I know, what a buzzkill).  Don’t get me wrong, I love giving and getting presents, but the incessant pressure to buy and time they want me to take reviewing their largely spurious promotions annoys.  Most annoying perhaps is when I just bought a (for example) photography light, which I really like.  For the next 6 months I get ads for photography lights, like a need a new one every 10 days – just stop!   

Are you looking for something that is good for you, that will never clutter up your house, car, or office, something that only has your benefit in mind, that has no up-sell, downside, or recurring costs?  Something so affordable that many people think “why is this so cheap”?  Something so simple that you never have to search out, stretch out, or learn a new language to enjoy the benefits?  Something with a demonstrated research base that makes it profoundly effective and acts like a catalyst to help you with every other thing you truly desire?  

How about a “Daily Vitamin for Your Mind”, that is not a pill (solved the “I don’t like to swallow pills” problem – for less than $360/year).  This daily dose comes to you every morning and every evening without opening, searching, or seeking, asks only 1 minute per day of your time, and the only beneficiary of your effort is you (well, and everyone who knows you).  And at less than 6 cents a day ($20 for a whole year), is a great value.  Is it worth finding out more, and trying?  I invented the system and love it myself (never tested on any animals - especially Jasper my dog, free range, fair trade, no GMO or MSG, guaranteed to not make you fat).  While this was not the intention you will likely get more dates (if you are looking), make you a better spouse (you had better not be looking), and a better worker, friend, and bridge partner.

I invite you to find out more and try it – at  

Sincerely, Dave Edwards 

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