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Dew and Humans

Dew is an amazing phenomenon. Moisture is in the air everywhere though some climates have a lot more moisture or humidity e.g. jungles versus deserts. Cold air is less able to hold moisture than warm air, so as the air cools the moisture condensates to the object. It is a natural process whenever you combine humidity with falling temperatures that reach the “dew point”, the temperature at which humidity condenses.

When moisture condenses onto a living object, like a blade of grass, we call that dew. When it is not in nature, like a glass of ice water on a warm day, we simply call it condensation. One of the most beautiful sights is when the dew freezes, revealing a frosty morning. Of course, as it warms the air can once again hold more moisture and the dew evaporates back into the air where it is held, almost as in trust, to be deposited once again overnight.

The Main Point In Nature

When you create the correct parameters, moisture and lowering temperatures below the dew point the process of condensation is automatic. It is in the laws of nature that dew will be created. No other forces, inputs, or catalysts are required.

The Main Point For People

In life, it is much the same. Once you put the correct principles and components into play the results simply happen. In human endeavors this may require more time based on environmental factors outside your control. The personal results, nonetheless, are inevitable and fully within your control.

In human endeavors the foundation conditions are core values, self-efficacy, and self-compassion. These groups of skills, developed in equilibrium, lead to confidence, competence, patience, accomplishment, motivation, and balance. It is a natural process, like the dew. For a person who follows the process, according to correct principles, the change in that person is inevitable and beautiful. It works in deserts and jungles and everywhere in-between. It works if you are engaged in white collar labor, blue collar labor, or no longer labor at all.

I believe that the purpose of life is to develop oneself. This is not selfish, however. I develop because I want to be of greater service. I want to be a better person, more capable, respected, trusted, counted on. As I align myself with timeless principles, I change who I am. Some of these changes are noticeable to others, some are not. The key is that I must focus on the needs of myself and others in balance if I want to do more, be more, understand more, empathize more. More stuff will not matter in the long run but being more is critical in my personal development and service. It is the same for all people.

This change aligned with correct principles is possible no matter your race, past, education, or culture. The concepts are non-judgmental, universally applicable, and attainable for any person who puts forth the effort. This idea brings hope, ignites passion, endures hardship, and overcomes obstacles. The pursuit has no end, no limits, and no boundaries.

As you read this, I hope you feel that hope. However, you decide to pursue your own path of development I urge you to start small. In nature all things start small; springs create streams which combine to create rivers which combine to create oceans, seeds start so small they can slip through your fingers yet grow to the size of a redwood, and all animals in nature start out as smaller versions of their mature selves. You are aligning your life and development with natural enduring principles, so be patient, forgiving, and kind to yourself in the process. Over time you will take things that today may be hard and make them easy. Your amazing brain will adapt and support your development. It is natural, it is aligned, and you can make it inevitable. Good luck on your journey, let me know if I can help.


HVASF exists to reinforce intrinsic motivation, the foundations include values, self-efficacy, self-compassion, and self-esteem. I have created affirmations and related insights which you can learn more about on my website More recently I have partnered with artists to create beautiful art and affirmations and placed them on useful things like cell phone covers, my shop can be found here Have a great day - and if you want to see posts and updates please share your email, and check out my Facebook page, and if you think it could be a positive part of your life - like the page. :)

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