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The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind (but it's not a pill)

"I've never really used affirmations before, but these are wonderful to read and ponder." (Molly - Member since 2020)

  • Get more done

  • Feel more in control of your life

  • Be more prosperous

  • Have more confidence

  • Feel more engaged and connected

Science has proven that your brain - every brain – is changing.  So, your brain is different today than a year ago, or even last week!

It does not matter your age, income, race, or what you have or have not done in the past.

The Question is: How do you make sure your brain changes in ways that serve you best? 



Unfortunately, many people try to "do it on their own", but the challenges of life get in the way.  Just like taking a daily vitamin pill you need a foolproof way to ensure your mind gets the daily basic support it needs to sustain your motivation.


The HVASF system is designed specifically for you – a real person with real challenges and likely never enough hours or dollars in a day.  We solve the paradox of increasing motivation when you are struggling with your motivation.


  • Feel more in control of your life! 

  • Feel less depressed! 

  • Reduce negative self-talk! 

  • Feel more balanced!   

  • Accomplish more of your goals!

“Everyone of us, you included, has within us everything we will ever need to be, do, and have anything and everything we will ever want and need.”   

Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil)


We have done the research and learned from the best minds in business and academia to create a system that is effective.  ​

  • When you click the get started button you start the process of becoming a member of HVASF.   

  • As a member each morning and evening, you receive an affirmation through our app, built on the proven foundations of personal motivation.  The affirmation is the same for 1 week, so you have time to assimilate and create more effective neural networks in your mind.   

  • At the start of each week you receive an email that introduces the affirmation for that week and provides a link to the short video which provides insights and tips on how to use the affirmation.  

  • Members can enjoy the HVASF Facebook page so they can share experiences with fellow members and HVASF staff, ask questions, and support each other.   

  •  The HVASF system only takes 1 minute per day, but don’t worry you can “Power it UP” at no additional cost with only a couple more minutes a day.    

  • There is a 30-day money back “no hassle” guarantee – so there is no risk to you.   

"To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done."  Richard G. Scott 


“The problem is that the strong-intentions-and-willpower theory of self-change drastically underestimates the likelihood of backsliding”
Dr. Wendy Wood

Three-quarters of us believe that obesity results from a lack of self- control. Despite this commonly held idea research proves that you (and nearly everyone else) requires more than just willpower in order to be successful at losing weight (or any other meaningful behavior change).

The HVASF system supplements your worthy desires with a system that builds positive habits. The combination of motivational skills (self-efficacy and self-compassion) with positive habits sets you up for greater goal achievement and life balance.

"People with high self-efficacy produce personal
achievement, reduce stress, and lower vulnerability to

Dr. Albert Bandura


You might wonder if the HVASF system can really help you? Remember that everything we want to do
depends upon motivation. Without this no amount of knowledge, skill, or social supports is effective.

And while the system is scientifically based and supported by some great technology it is designed to support human beings.


What kinds of humans need motivation?

  • A student who is struggling to keep up with homework and life.

  • An employee who finds it hard to be motivated at work.

  • Your self-talk is negative and discouraging.

  • You are trying to lose weight but struggle.

  • An entrepreneur who is struggling with the challenges of overseeing everything.

  • A mother or father who struggles with the constant demands of parenting.

  • A friend who wants to help, but also feel those same feelings toward him/herself.

  • You are unemployed or underemployed and want to better your situation.

  • A worker who wonders if it is worth it to show up every day.

  • You are trying to change a bad habit.

  • You make appointments but have a hard time getting there on time.

  • You have medications but forget to take them when you should.

  • Your friends are not supportive, and you want to shore up your own motivation.

It is easy, effective, and affordable – won’t you allow us to help you take greater control over your own life?


Still have questions? Please check out our Q & A as we have put answers to the most common questions
there. Still can’t find an answer, please reach out and contact us. We don’t have all the answers but will
do our best to respond quickly.

If you are not ready to try it, that’s OK, really. Millions of people use affirmations to help them meet
their goals and become their best selves. Our system is particularly effective as we don’t leave people to “figure it out” on their own.


We post a one page blog every week or so. It provides
information that is helpful in most people’s lives like “How to increase your energy levels”. If
you would like to be one of the first to see these posts, please share your email below and we will add
you to our list. We promise not to spam you and never sell your personal information. Take good care, we hope to hear from
you soon.

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