The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind (but it's not a pill)

The HVASF System is the superior way to use affirmations to build stong foundational skills that help you!

  • Set and accomplish your goals

  • Increase your confidence

  • Feel less anxiety

  • Handle change better

  • Enjoy greater success


We have done the research and learned from the best minds in business and academia to create a system that is effective.  ​


  • At the start of each week you receive an email that introduces the affirmation for that week and provides a link to the Video-Insights which provides wisdom and tips on how to use the affirmation.  For a Mini-Insights sample click below, week 11 is a self-compassion message and week 12 is a self-efficacy message.  As a member you get the text and video for the full version.   

  • Each morning and evening, members receive an affirmation through our app, built on the proven foundations of personal motivation.  The affirmation is the same for 1 week, so you have time to assimilate and create more effective neural networks in your mind.  

  • Members can enjoy the HVASF Facebook page so they can share experiences with fellow members and HVASF staff, ask questions, and support each other.   

  • The HVASF system only takes 1 minute per day, but don’t worry you can “Power it UP” at no additional cost with only a couple more minutes a day.    

  • There is a 30-day money back “no hassle” guarantee – so there is no risk to you.   

The Daily Vitamin for your mind is the superior way to start using affirmations to build strong foundational skills.

Tragically, millions were never taught those essential skills

The results are all too predictable - unnecessary frustration, disappointment, failure, and anxiety.  This is like trying to add a second floor to your house without an adequate foundation to bear that additional stress.  Or having a plant with small roots and trying to grow a lot of fruit or flowers.  The lack of core skills is hidden, but the results are far too obvious above ground. 

  • Do you have the confidence you need? 

  • Do you know the true costs of negative self-talk?

  • Do you struggle to accomplish your goals? 

  • Perhaps you are confident, but some people think you are a jerk? 

What do foundational skills do for me? 

Change is the only constant in your life.  All evidence-based models of how human beings change have at their core intrinsic or personal motivation.  This is not a statement on anyone’s character, but on their skills.  With these skills solidly in place you are more confident, make your self-talk helpful, and not only cope with change but accomplish your goals amidst change. 

Why affirmations? 

Part of the HVASF commitment is to be easy, like taking a daily vitamin.  While we help you do hard things, we don’t want this to take over your life.  Think of HVASF as a support and guide to help you live your own, unique, best life.  Affirmations are a scientifically proven way to help people with a minimal time commitment, no matter their race, age, education, or income.  It does not matter where your personal motivation skills are to start. 

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“The problem is that the strong-intentions-and-willpower theory of self-change drastically underestimates the likelihood of backsliding”
Dr. Wendy Wood



We offer three lengths of membership to meet your needs. 

  • 6 month membership

  • 12 month membership

  • 24 month membership

"People with high self-efficacy produce personal
achievement, reduce stress, and lower vulnerability to

Dr. Albert Bandura

How is HVASF different?

The HVASF system, we call the "Daily Vitamin For Your Mind" is more helpful and more effective than other options.  Click on the PDF to see how it compares to doing things on your own, a life coach, therapist, or most of the "free" stuff on the internet. 


If you are not ready to try it, that’s OK, really. Millions of people use affirmations to help them meet
their goals and become their best selves. Our system is particularly effective as we don’t leave people to “figure it out” on their own.


We post a one page blog every week or so. It provides
information that is helpful in most people’s lives like “How to increase your energy levels”.


If you would like to be one of the first to see these posts, please share your email below and we will add
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